Donna Powell at Charleston Web Weaver has designed three websites for me, and I am extremely pleased with her services!  From the business website to the organizations I volunteer for ( and ), Donna’s work is outstanding.  Her service is quick, efficient, friendly, and very reasonably priced.  She offers the perfect package for the small entrepreneur. I highly recommend Donna’s services.

Julie Shaffer


“Donna is a consummate professional every step of the way. She assesses every client’s needs on an individual case by case basis. Her attention to detail is astounding. She will never lead you down a path for self profit. She makes every effort to ensure that her client is 100% satisfied on every front, no matter how long it takes her to complete the work. And her fees are very reasonable, much more so than her competition. If you want a first class website designed with unrivaled after the sale support, you would be hard pressed to find ANYBODY better than Donna at Charleston Webweaver.”

Will DeBouver
Fraud Investigative Services, LLC


Upon meeting Donna Powell for the first time, I knew that our working together would be fun as well as very professional.  She has very innovative ideas to share concerning the composition of each website and is very patient and professional with all the contacts that you have with her.  She obviously enjoys her work and her great sense of humor is apparent in all that she creates. I highly recommend her as a website builder.  She also is very helpful in suggesting ways to promote one’s business as well as giving a link for any help that one might need.

Susan Dodd

November 12, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

Dorchester Habitat for Humanity has been working with Donna Powell at Charleston Webweaver. This has been a great experience. Working with Donna is a pleasure. She has been adaptable when we have needed her and has given us good advice about charges to our site. Everything has been done in a timely manner, and she continues to keep us updated about our site.
I would highly recommend her services.

Terry Epps
Volunteer Coordinator
Dorchester Habitat for Humanity


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